The German ESD FORUM e.V. is a registered professional voluntary association  with members from industry, academia, and research institutes.

Electronic devices, components, assemblies, equipments, and systems with electronic components are sensitive against electrostatic discharges (ESD) and electrical overstress (EOS). Appropriate protection measues have to be implemented to avoid damages caused by ESD or EOS during manufacturing, assembly, transport, and testing.  

It is the mission of the ESD FORUM e.V. to foster science and research by investigating the impact of electrostatics on microelectronics and to disseminate the results to the general public. International cooperation shall be pursued.


  • Provides a forum for an open exchange on (almost) all kinds of phenomena related to electrostatics
  • Hosts regularly conferences, workshops, and trainings
  • Provides education on ESD-related topics, e.g., ESD Technician training, certified by the ESD FORUM e.V. and the ESD Association within the "TR53 Technician Certification Program".
  • Initiates, funds, and supports research topics
  • Contributes to the standardization in the fields of ESD, EOS, and latch-up
  • Authors and publishes ESD-related documents

The decisions and measures of the ESD FORUM e.V. are based on the compliance guideline (German version only) of the association, which is binding for members and contributors of the association.